Just a little alteration to the bedding

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OK, so I haven’t made too many mod­i­fi­ca­tions just late­ly as funds are a lit­tle low, how­ev­er, before going away […]

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Re-classifying to a motor caravan with DVLA

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How I re-clas­si­fied to a motor car­a­van with DVLA

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A three day surf trip thanks to ex-hurricane Joaquin

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With sum­mer now firm­ly packed up and far behind, I final­ly find I’m back on the road again. It has […]

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The Blue Moon Rising at Wilton Windmill

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With the blue moon soon to be on the rise, I had to think quick­ly on where I could get […]

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Improved performance and running with vegetable oil for the VW T4 1.9td ABL engine

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I often see the Volk­swa­gen 1.9TD ABL engine being put down as slow and poor qual­i­ty, often fol­lowed by advice […]

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Beef Stew

Sharkbait Beef Stew

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Serves 3–4 A clas­sic stew with veg­eta­bles, a real­ly sim­ple dish to cook up in a camper­van on those cold nights, even in […]

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With sum­mer mak­ing a slow arrival, evenings still a bit cool, what bet­ter than a nice warm chilli while at a great lit­tle North Wales VW festival.

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Apple Music or Spotify, streaming on the go

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My own per­son­al view on how Apple Music and Spo­ti­fy com­pare while stream­ing music on the move.

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