Fitting Lensun semi-flexible solar panels

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Ever since fit­ting out the van I’ve always want­ed to use solar pan­els to keep the charge up on the […]

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Overhead Storage

My custom built overhead storage unit

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Details of how I built the over­head unit in my van which runs the full length of my VW T4 SWB

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New worktop and upgrades to the storage unit

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A sum­ma­ry of how I made the work­top of my van, along with some changes in the cup­board space,

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Just a little alteration to the bedding

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OK, so I haven’t made too many mod­i­fi­ca­tions just late­ly as funds are a lit­tle low, how­ev­er, before going away […]

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Re-classifying to a motor caravan with DVLA

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How I re-clas­si­fied to a motor car­a­van with DVLA

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Working with Vinyl

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A sum­ma­ry of how I used leather effect vinyl to trim my VW T4 campervan

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